CURRICULUM VITAE  updated 1/1/2020

Key Areas of Activity

  • Problem Solving – A3
  • Lean Management
  • Firm Organization
  • Group Management
  • Project Management
  • Kaizen
  • 5s
  • Problem solving
  • Web:
  • Mobile: + 39 328 13 9999 4
  • Skype: marco_gianfranchi
  • Mail:
  • Tel. : + 39 059 643389 Fax +39 059 5968315

Present Occupation

  • Consultant/teacher (V.A.T. No. 02400670366) experienced in Quality and Innovation, with particular emphasis on the application of these concepts to small and medium-sized businesses.

Key qualifications:

>23 year specific experience in design of training courses and direct face to face training on: Total Quality Management, Change Management, Group Management, Kaizen, 5s, Lean Thinking , Business Organization, Project Management, Problem Solving.

>20 year specific experience in planning and development of e-learning unit, e-courses, e-teaching. Direct management of sites for public institutions and private sector. Deep experience in training to trainer on e-learning matters.


  • University Degree at Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
  •   Training with prof. W. E. Deming on quality and improvement (Geneva)
  •   Courses with prof. Shoj Shiba (MIT) on Total Quality Management
  •   Course “Project Management for Development and Innovation” 2006 edition, organized by Centro Servizi PMI (MO)
  •   Quality Systems Assessor, according to UNI-EN 9000 at AICQ Milan, passing the exam on  1995
  •   Course for Safety RSPP at Confartigianato Modena
  •   Diploma of “Analyst Times and Methods and Organization of Production” c / o Instituto Secoli of Milan, 1985

Work Experience

1997 to date: Independent professional consultant/teacher

Recent activities:

  • Member of the End-Users Board of the FutureSme project (EU FP7 program)
  • Trainer on  Lean Thinking at Terasaki Elettric Europe,  Italian branch (Mi).
  • Trainer and consultant on  Kaizen, Lean Production and 5s  at Nuova Neon Bassano (Bassano del Grappa)
  • Seminars on Human Resources and Lean Production at  University of  Modena and Reggio Emilia.
  • Trainer on  Lean Production at  Masters (Bassano del Grappa)
  • Trainer on  Continuous  Improvement / Lean for  2 groups  at  Gruppo Ferroli (Vr)
  • Consultancy on 5s at AFV Acciaierie Beltrame (Vi) , steel industry
  • Trainer on  Continuous  Improvement / Lean at  Nuova Griffe”Carpi (Mo), fashion industry
  • Trainer on  Continuous  Improvement / Lean / 5s / at Lucchese Industria  (Tv) automotive  plastic molding company
  • Trainer in Business Organization for the European  Project TETRA (Grundtvig), lead by Modena Formazione
  • Trainer and consultant on Total Quality Management, Lean Production, 5s at Gruppo Dani (Vi), leather industry
  • Consultancy on Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement at Studio Ferroli (VR).
  • Project Manager and Trainer of a course on “Continuous Improvement for SMEs”  for the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, 22 managers involved. Business check-up at:
  • QUAMAR snc (mechanics).
  • PADOAN snc (furniture)
  • DALLA NORA & C. srl (furniture)
  • LUCCHESE INDUSTRIA srl (plastics)
  • SARBO spa (mechanics)
  • MATRA srl (trade)
  • 5 courses on  Kaizen and TQM at F.lli Campagnolo spa (Bassano del Grappa) for Xamar Consulting.
  • Course on Problem Solving at Cooperativa Sociale “RipArte”, Carpi (Mo),  for  CESVIP
  • Consultancy on “Change Management” for Fondazione Alma Mater (Bologna) within the SPINNER project
  • Consultancy on  “lean production” at Azienda Botonia (Carpi, Mo)
  • Consultancy on  “lean production” at Donne da sogno (Carpi, MO) for CNI Ecipar Modena
  • Consultancy on  “kaizen + 5s” for  Artezurlo (PD)
  • Consultancy on  “kaizen + 5s” for  Tebaldi (PD)
  • Head of planning and leader of a technical mission on behalf of the IPI (Italian Ministry of Industry) undertaken in the Gaza Strip for the development of a Services Center for the local Textile and Clothing companies. The mission involved 17 company check-ups and a presentation seminar for the Palestinian Authorities.
  • Trainer in “Project Management” for “Master Ulisse – Innovators for the Public Administration”, commissioned by the Training Center “La Cremeria” (Reggio Emilia, Italy).
  • Projecting for an “Internet Based Benchmarking Method among Public Employment Centers”, commissioned by Formez (Rome, Italy)
  • Teacher on “Quality and Production” in the PALtexITALIA project, commissioned by the CFP (Carpi MO, Italy).
  • Teacher training on “E-Learning” for WorkFare (Naples, Italy).
  • Developer of the interactive CD-ROM: “Interactive Movie”, commissioned by Lab Italia (Rome, Italy).
  • Consultant on “Company Organization” for the clothing firm “CUT SERVICE”, ( Modena, Italy).
  • Distance Trainer for E-Learning Projects on Total Quality Management, Marketing, Company Organization, New Business Development, Customer Care, Communications etc.
  • Teaching and consulting activities for the owners of 7 companies in the “Quality and Productivity of Subcontractors in Treviso” project, commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture, and Handicraft of Treviso, Italy.
  • Project management and training for the “Quality Systems for Cooperatives” multi-regional project commissioned by Corum/ Inforcoop (Rome, Italy) and the development of multimedia training based on the experience.
  • Training, in conjunction with the ESF project, of 15 professionals and 4 companies that belong to the CO.CO.T Consortium “Development of Quality Systems for Subcontractors in the Textile and Clothing Industry”, commissioned by Ecipar/CNA (Province of Ferrara, Italy).
  • Training on Total Quality for more than 15 projects organized by the CFP/Municipality of Carpi (Italy).
  • Teacher training on Total Quality and Multimedia for the Enaip Lombardia and Enaip Piemonte (Italy).
  • Traditional and remote training (E-Learning), commissioned by the Efeso and Consorzio FIA (Province of Bologna, Italy)
  • Times and methods training for fashion companies in the context of the TEMA project (Istituto Tagliacarne) for the Confartigianato Oleggio (Province of Novara) and Confartigianato Perugia (Italy).

Before 1997 Area Manager at CITER (Center for Textile Information – Emilia Romagna) in Italy

Activities during this period directed towards the promotion of technology:

· Writing monographs and developing seminars for the textile and clothing industry, with an emphasis on the promotion of technology and quality in small and medium-size companies.

· Company contact person for the TEX AT WORK (TELEMATICS) project, promoted by Aster (Province of Bologna), for the introduction and adaptation of telematic technologies for small and medium-size companies.

· Company contact person for the IRENE RELAY CENTRE (DG XIII) project, promoted by Enea (Province of Bologna), to identify the innovation requirements for small and medium-size companies in northeastern Italy.

· Participation in the work group that presented a research project entitled OMERO to the Scientific and Technological Research Ministry for the realization of an Expert System for the textile and clothing industry.

· Head of product and process industrialization for companies protected by Law 44 (new young entrepreneurs).

· Took part in the work group for the “Five Languages for Fashion” project to produce a multimedia CD for the translation and definition of technical/fashion terms. Partner: IFOA, (Reggio Emilia, Italy).

· Contact person in Italy for a project promoted by the DG XIII to produce a guide to technology transfer projects in the European Union. This guide was subsequently published in all the languages of the European Union.

Activities during this period directed towards the promotion of quality:

· Quality training for a UNIDO/UNDP project for the development of the clothing industry in Cyprus.

· Consultant and teacher for projects to support the Mexican clothing industry that were developed for the local government.

· Consultant and teacher for projects to support the Paraguayan clothing industry that were developed for the local government.

· Planning, management, and writing texts for a training multimedia CD entitled “Total Quality in the Textile and Clothing Industry”, commissioned by the DG III and marketed by the CITER. Its goal is to promote continuous improvement of subcontractors.

· Planning, management, and teaching in 6 consulting/training projects to promote Problem Solving and Quality at small and medium-sized companies in the clothing industry. These projects, which were extensively reviewed in the local and technical press, involved a total of approximately 40 Italian companies. They were implemented in collaboration with the Enea, Ervet, Chamber of Commerce of Modena, Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia, and Ecipar/CNA Ferrara.

· Teaching – a considerable number of training seminars organized by the CITER for professionals in the clothing industry.

· Teaching – postgraduate training for D.A.M.S. students (University of Bologna).

· Teaching – training programs in Italian technical high schools.

· Facilitator for training programs connected with the Economic Sociology course, School of Sociology at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome.

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